About Me

Hi! I'm Denise Iordache Dip.CBH MNCIP MFHT

I believe in you

I believe we deserve to experience more moments of joy in our lives, everyday and not just on special occasions. In order to be able to do that whole-heartedly, we need to sleep, feel and eat well. We also need to be kind and compassionate with ourselves all the while approaching life with curiosity, passion and determination.

I think that the therapeutic approaches are here to lean upon when life gets a bit too complicated and we start to feel like a passenger rather than the driver of our lives. I’ve been there myself!

I created JoySpace Therapy – a space (virtual or otherwise) where I can help you get back into the driver seat, deal with your challenges in a healthy manner and spot and enjoy those moments of joy.

They can because they believe they can.


How I Work

In my practice I help people manage their anxieties, stress, unhelpful thoughts and self-defeating behaviours. I support people in finding solutions and learn how to healthily problem solve those initial or even future challenges.

My emphasis is placed on developing new, more helpful ways to live your life, improve the mind-body connection, learn coping mechanisms to have available at any point, such as self-hypnosis, mindfulness and relaxation.



It is important to question why things are the way they are, how they got there and which are the implications

Talent management


New behaviours, beliefs and thoughts is within your reach and they can positively influence your everyday life



Mind-body connection is key for healthy living alongside embedding helpful behaviours and thought patterns

You might have seen me in …

What I Offer

JoySpace Therapy offers you help, support and therapeutic solutions in an online, confidential setting from the comfort of your own home.

Some of my areas of expertise are listed below. In case your particular concern is not listed amongst these, please feel free to contact me for a non-binding conversation. If I can help, I would do so with pleasure; if not, I will be able to offer you recommendations for next steps.

Habits and Phobias

Do you feel out of control with your habits, not even realising that you do them until it is too late (oops, there goes another nail)? Do you feel sick only at the thought of being in the same building with a snake?


Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Do you lie in your bed without being able to get back to sleep? Does your mind feel like a busy train station where the thoughts go through your mind like  trains that seem to never stop?


Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus on one key task at a given time? Do you seem to never shut off your work? Do you constantly think about what’s next? Do you feel tired although you’ve slept enough the night before?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, know that I can help. 

Free First Consultation​

Use the form to set up an initial conversation with me.

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