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In my practice, my clients regularly ask me about what else they can learn about, what books or articles should they read, or invest in (as some books are quite pricey these days). 

While further reading is not a prerequisite of attending therapy sessions, sometimes this can be very beneficial.

Below I am compiling a list of books and articles I found to be useful, to not for my clients but also for myself, well-balanced and helpful.

Simply follow the links below to buy now and let me know how you get on.

They can because they believe they can.

Books and Articles I recommend

Should you like to learn more about mental health, hypnosis, or how you can improve your everyday life outside of the therapeutic setting, then please see the links below.


Adam Eason’s 20 minute Crash Course in Self-Hypnosis can be viewed here

Psychological Flexibility

Steven Hayes’s Ted Talk on How love turns pain into purpose

What is Burnout?

Mental Health UK details what burnout may look like in the workplace

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