My Approach

Compassionate Curiosity is my Specialty

An Approach That Is As Unique As You

My integrative approach is tailored and personalised to you, drawing from a wide range of evidence-based approaches and interventions. 

I focus on guiding you on your own journey of self-discovery, mind-body connection strengthening and psycho-education. My approach nurtures growth and improvement from day one.

What My Clients Say

To set up an introductory call, use the link or call

Introductory calls are always free of charge as they act as ‘meet & greet’ – enabling us to understand if we can work together to achieve your goals.

How I Work and What You Can Expect

I help you manage your anxieties, stress, unhelpful thoughts and self-defeating behaviours. I support you in finding solutions and learn how to healthily problem solve those initial or even future challenges.

I bring over 15 years of working in corporate marketing into JoySpace Therapy and use my experience and learnings to support women like you worry less and sleep better so that you have the energy & confidence to perform at your best, in the boardroom and outside of it.

During our sessions we focus on identifying and cementing various helpful behaviours which not only allow you overcome present issues, but also empower you to appropriately tackle new ones as they arise. I’m guiding you until you’re proficient at doing it yourself.

Together we come up with more helpful ways for you to live your life, improve your sleep, manage your stress and learn coping mechanisms to have available at any point.

What else can you expect in our sessions?


I use humour and curiosity in my sessions because life's too short to be boring, and therapy is no exception. Curiosity is joy.


I roll my sleeves and give you tools and mechanisms to best manage your daily activities & issues. Charts might be used too.


I listen and I do not judge. My sessions are a safe space for you to be, dance or cry however you want to or feel like. I'm here for it.