Habits and Phobias

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Are you afraid of flying? Do you avoid certain activities because they make you too nervous?

Fears are generally produced by internal anxieties that become associated with particular situations or objects. Some fears may seem to serve a genuine purpose – fear of heights, fire, spiders, etc. Others, however, appear to be not so straightforward – such as fear of circles, certain fruits or even stuffed toys.

Phobias tend to be more than extreme fear, they are what is called irrational fear. Most adults struggling with phobias understand that their fears are irrational. However often facing, or even thinking about facing, the feared object or situation panic attacks or severe anxiety get triggered.

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The combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears and phobias. This combination has a long history of treating fears and phobias and there has been much of research that shows the combination of the two is extremely effective.

Practicing facing your fears in hypnosis means that you remain in complete control of the situation when you are completely calm and relaxed. Using this method you will see results quickly. Our sessions will also help you to address any underlying thoughts and beliefs that cause your fear and phobia in the first place.

Are you concerned about your habits?

Unhelpful habits (either behavioural or cognitive) tend to be created as coping mechanisms to a stressful situation, thought or emotion. And they tend to provide you with some form of immediate comfort. Habits can develop at any stage in your life. Some habits, such as procrastination and chronic negative self-talk, are examples of unhelpful habits that can lead to emotional harm and damage of your self-esteem. 

I know that you can overcome these habits and behaviours, replace them with helpful and healthy ones. In the process you can become calmer, more accepting of your feelings and thoughts and able to experience more joy.

With my support you can move from feelings of overwhelm, stress and a sense of lack of control into being more confident, more calm, and in control of the present in the moment.

Interested in more information or setting an appointment?

No matter your issue, I want you to understand that help is at hand and that you can overcome your fears and habits. I aim to help you get there in order to successfully manage your everyday life without fear.

Other Issues I can help you with...

JoySpace Therapy offers you help, support and therapeutic solutions in an online, confidential setting from the comfort of your own home. 

Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (Hypno-CBT®) is a form of therapy that integrates cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis and mindfulness. Hypno-CBT® can help you change your life for the better by identifying and changing your thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns.

My purpose is to help you challenge unhelpful past behaviours so that you can live your best future.

Stress and Tension

In our modern, fast-paced and hectic world it’s common to feel stress and anxiety. Working with me will allow you to develop coping mechanisms that will free your mind and enable more joy.

Sleep Disorders

We’ve all been there; watching the clock tick as sleep evades us; waking up more tired than when we went to sleep. Through hypnosis, mindfulness and actionable homework we will work together to help you get a better night’s sleep. 


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