Are you ready to finally sort that 'diabolical' sleep and wake up feeling good?

Helping professional women sleep better and worry less so that they have energy to perform at their best at work and in life.

Denise Iordache Sleep Hypnotherapy
Therapist specialising in Sleep and Stress Problems

Welcome! I'm Denise

It’s been a long day and instead of relaxing and unwinding, you struggle to fall asleep. Your mind is racing and you cannot switch it off. And when you think you got it, ping! You wake up worrying about that email you forgot to send.

You are wide awake at 3am thinking of that deadline, presentation, or campaign you’re about to launch. And tomorrow you’ll feel tired and stressed. You worry this is going on for way too long. And that thought alone is giving you anxiety.

Simply put, something is keeping you up at night and that’s affecting your life, not just your work.

If you’re ready to take action to drive your energy and confidence, let’s chat. I’m here to help you overcome your sleep problems (including insomnia) and stress. 

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What My Clients Say

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Introductory calls are always free of charge as they act as ‘meet & greet’ – enabling us to understand if we can work together to achieve your goals.

What I Can Help You With

I specialise in helping women like you manage and overcome challenges such as insomnia, poor sleep and related issues such as anxiety, stress and unhelpful behaviours. 

I’m here to provide you with the tools you need so you can move away from feeling tired, stressed and worried, and towards feeling full of energy and confidence to pursue your dreams in and outside of work.

My approach is tailored to suit you and your objectives. In our sessions you can expect focus to be placed on your own self-discovery. I am not doing the work for you by any means. I am guiding you reach your desired destination.

In a few short weeks of working together you can be experiencing:

Restful Sleep

Sleeping through the night and waking up feeling refreshed and energised. This makes you feel at ease with the days ahead.

Improved Focus

Letting go of the worrying thoughts (which were keeping your mind occupied) allows you to focus better and feel in control.

More Energy

Having enough energy to engage in all the activities you want, ensures you find and keep the right balance in your life.

Better Performance

Doing your job better allows you to see, and act upon, all those opportunities being presented to you, with a clear, sharp mind.

Clarity and Drive

You find great power in understanding that you hold the keys to your own life and you can succeed at your jobs to be done.

Balance and Joy

Feeling good about your work, yourself, and your life overall, feels like you've finally found balance and joy in your everyday life.

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