Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness Can Help You

Overcome sleep challenges, be more productive and find joy in your everyday life

Welcome! I'm Denise

I created JoySpace Therapy with the clear goal of enabling you to experience more joy. Everyday.

I’m a Certified Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist here to help you overcome your challenges related to sleep disorders (including insomnia), stress or unhelpful habits and phobias. 

In my practice, I use personalised treatment plans to help you achieve your goals, drive your own well-being and enjoy your life more fully.

I work together with you throughout, enabling you to build healthy habits and mechanisms which you can apply in your everyday life, from our first session.

What My Clients Say

How I Can Help You

I specialise in helping millennial professionals manage and overcome challenges such as insomnia, poor sleep and related issues, anxiety, phobias and unhelpful behaviours. Together, we focus on identifying and cementing helpful behaviours which not only allow you to overcome issues, but enable you to make significant shifts in your life and empower you to thrive. 

My approach is tailored to suit you and your objectives. In our sessions you can expect focus to be placed on your own self-discovery, mind-body connection strengthening and psycho-education. I am not doing the work for you by any means. I am here to guide you reach your desired destination.


My practice is based on proven, evidence-based hypnotherapy, integrating hypnosis, mindfulness and CBT techniques


I'm here to guide you understand the presenting problem, how thoughts, behaviours and emotions are interlinked

Mind and Body

I help you improve the connection between your body and mind, becoming more aware of your feelings and thoughts

Convenient therapy

No need to travel anywhere, as sessions are carried out online, through secure platforms designed for talking therapies

Clear objectives

My integrative approach focuses on helping you achieve the goals we set up together at the beginning of the process

Work together

In my practice, I believe you, the client, need to become your own therapist and take charge of your own destiny. I'll show you how!

Do you feel like your thoughts, habits and feelings are out of control? Are you interested in driving lasting change?

If yes, then you are in the right place, right here and right now. And know you are not alone in your struggles!

Last couple of years have been challenging for all of us; we’re still dealing with a global pandemic, trying to navigate our everyday lives the best way we can and look after our dear ones.

The pandemic has affected us in more ways than one and it is important you understand that help is at hand; you do not have to battle it alone. There can be more joy at the end of the metaphorical tunnel.


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